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Million Real Estate, Inc. is a firm that signifies professional state of-the-art techniques specializing in the marketing, selling and listing of new and resale luxury homes, residential communities, condominiums, home sites, undeveloped land, commercial and investment opportunities. The company maintains a team of well-trained real estate professionals striving to provide top quality services for individual clients. Million Real Estate, Inc.’s mission is to exude integrity, communication, in-depth market knowledge, effective negotiation and a high-quality professional network; all of which are core values that established the foundation of its business.

About Tiffany Ly

President & Broker TTiffany Ly is the President and Broker of Million Real Estate, Inc. As a Real Estate Broker, Tiffany’s immense understanding and knowledge of the real estate market and the clients that she represents make her an exceptionally qualified expert in her field. She has over 12 years of professional experience and knowledge to meet clients’ needs when buying and/or selling real estate in the county of San Diego, California. Tiffany’s method is simply to take great care of her clients, a personable quality that sets her apart from other competitors in her line of work. Tiffany received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego. She is also certified as a Paralegal, accredited by the American Bar Association and studied Law at University of San Diego. Her studies covered topics such as legal research, intellectual property, civil and business litigation, contracts and criminal law in addition to of course her passion–real estate law. Tiffany’s career in real estate began as a Realtor at Century 21. Indeed, it was her passion and personal ambition to deliver excellent services to her clients that has driven her to create her own brand. Tiffany upholds her reputation to the highest degree of trust, knowledge, communication and enthusiasm. She is 100% committed to helping her clients achieve their real estate goals and is honored with such a satisfying career.


Our Clients First Philosophy As experienced San Diego real estate professionals, we strongly believe that providing top quality services is essentially about putting our “clients first”. In carrying out this ideal, we can assure you of our easy accessibility, good listening and communication skills, and responsiveness to clients’ needs. When you decide that you would like to buy or sell a home in the San Diego County area, please do not hesitate to contact us.



1. All candy, including wrappers. Chocolate is famously bad for pets, but did you know that almost all candy and chewing gum are dangerous? It isn’t the sugar that is the main problem – it’s the wrapper! To animals, candy wrappers look just as delicious as actual candy, and they can tear the esophagus or …

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If you’re entering into the real estate market for the first time, you’ll hear the old adage: location, location, location. That’s three of the key factors… I’m kidding but, location is, indeed, a very important concern. However, many buyers think location is most important because of the surrounding area. So, if the neighborhood is nice, …

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Homebuyer’s Red Flags Checklist

  After looking at so many homes, when you finally fall in love with one, it’s way too easy to be wowed by the stuff that doesn’t matter: pretty-colored paint, a winding staircase, granite countertops and gorgeous flooring. This is where an old “momily” comes into play: “Pretty is as pretty does.” Wipe the stars …

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How Do I Protect My Yard Against Fleas and Ticks?

The day may come when your dog or cat greets you and you notice something “extra”…a jumping or crawling biting pest that has taken up residence. As disturbing as it is to discover that your pet has fleas or ticks, it is, perhaps, even more disturbing to know that those pests may be living right …

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